The Chart Time Machine is a resource for UK singles chart enthusiasts who yearn for a century where the music was bigger and better! It contains chart information for all UK singles from 1952 to 1999. This is not limited to the top 40 but also includes the top 50 (from 1960), top 75 (from 1978) and top 100 (from 1983). Note that the peak positions for songs at the end of December 1999 are the highest chart placing up to that time only, even if a song charted higher in January 2000 or later.

This website allows you to search the chart archive by keyword search (artist, title, date range, etc.), date range, highest chart position, record label, and more. You can click on an artist's name to view their information and list of their songs that charted. You can click on a song title to view data for that song and its chart history. Clicking on a record label will show data for that label and a list of song titles belonging to it.

Some songs have a icon next to them. Click this icon to play this song on YouTube (opens in a modal window within this website). Please note that The Chart Time Machine is not responsible for the content of these videos or any ads that may displayed prior to, after, or during playback. Some songs may also contain explicit lyrics.

There are a selection of quizzes on The Chart Time Machine to test your musical knowledge. Simply select your quiz and get started! The quiz questions are generated randomly, grouped by theme (60's Music - Guess the Artist, 80's Music - Guess the Song, etc.) and only include songs from the top 40. Have fun!

The playlist feature allows you to create your own virtual playlist of songs from a range of years and chart positions to listen to on your phone or computer. Songs will be selected at random from all the tracks that match your criteria, provided we have videos for those songs. While we do not have YouTube videos for every song, we do have many thousands so there are plenty to keep your music selection varied.

Thank you for visiting and reliving the best music ever made!